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Storage solutions from Access Removals. Numerous storage solutions for clients in Middlesex, South London and Surrey including Sutton, Epsom, Redhill, Kingston and Twickenham. Our secure storage facilities offer numerous ways of storing your personal belongings. We can provide a storage solution that comprise of a single box, pallet storage or sealed containers. An excellent range of storage solutions that covers everything from a few files through to your entire house contents.

Access Removals storage solutions ensure your goods are stored in a secure and alarmed warehouse, monitored with 24 hour surveillance.

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Access Removals & Storage Hylands Nurseries, Carshalton Road, Banstead SM7 3HZ

Storage Collection Services

A simple and ultra-convenient way to store your household belongings is by using our collection services. We will collect your goods in a vehicle suitable for carrying wooden containers. We will load the containers and check your items against an inventory. Vulnerable items will be protected and the container is sealed before being taken back to our storage facilities.

The storage container remains sealed until such time as you ask for your goods to be returned to you. We would then forklift the container back onto one of our vehicles and return them to your home. We will then unpack them for you. What could be simpler for storage solutions

Access Removals: your first choice for the best storage services in Middlesex, South London and Surrey including Sutton, Epsom, Redhill, Kingston and Twickenham.

Now you are ready to rent furniture storage. Here are some common reasons why people call and ask for furniture storage.

Storage Collection Services

  • Have extra pieces that you cannot part with but do not have room for at your home
  • Inherited furniture from a loved one or saving furniture for a child or newlyweds
  • Remodeling and need space to work? Water or smoke damaged furniture waiting to be cleaned.
  • Extra office furniture that needs to be kept off site from your business
  • New baby or kids off to university
  • Storm, flood or fire?
  • New home building goes over schedule and your deliveries are waiting
  • Your business rents chairs, tables or other pieces of furniture
  • Cleaning out your garage of collected furniture
  • De-cluttering your home for an upcoming home sale
  • Military or job transfer and need to place items away
  • Grown child or older parent needs to move back to your home
  • Eviction or tenant eviction
  • You found a furniture sale and could not pass up the deal

Container Storage?

Containers are a great way of storing your goods. They are affordable, clean, secure and ideal for long-term storage solutions. Items will remain in their containers until they are needed again.

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